Southern States Claims Service 
Heavy  Equipment Specialists  
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 Lines of Service                                                                Lines of Business

Third Party Administration                                                                      Trucks and Trailers (on and off-road)        Cranes
Independent Adjuting Services                                                               Logging Equipment                                    Bobcats
Cause and Origin                                                                                     Contractors Equipment                              Buses
Estimate Review and Auditing                                                                Agricultural Equipment                               Automobile
Failure Analysis                                                                                        Rental Equipment                                        Cargo        
Claims Management
**Salvage Management

** Salvage Management is a service we offer to all new and existing clients.  We have a nationwide list of salvage buyers that are specific to our lines of business.  Our salvage management team offers you the best possible return for your salvage at a flat fee with no hidden cost or percentages taken.  Please contact Gaye Burrow with any questions. 
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